Pure Energy? Crystals & Sustainability

I didn’t really plan to ever work with crystals.

I became self-employed directly after my master studies in Social Entrepreneurship and Management, in 2015, as a result of me wanting to follow my intuition for one year.

I’ve been on what people call a “spiritual path” for 10 years, seeing all kinds of shamans, yogis, “gurus”, spiritual teachers, and healers. From a very early age, I felt that what we are living is not my truth and asked many, many questions. I have always wanted to contribute to a different world and felt it to be a serious, precarious situation that we are living in right now, that decides whether and how future generations will be able to live here on earth.

I went to Brazil to see a very famous healer shortly before I finished my studies. I even told people that going to Abadiania, the Casa of Joao de Deus, a spiritual center for healing seekers, would be my last resort because I had been so bad for many years – on a mental and physical level.

When you go to Brazil you will notice that there are a lot of crystal shops and a lot of crystals and minerals in general. I happened to see a mine and then was quiet shocked about how unromantic and industrial it looked like. For the first time, I was wondering where all these crystals actually come from that are available in the stores for cheap money. I started to ask around and questioned how they grow naturally, who the mine owners are, how much is annually extracted and obviously had the eye of studying sustainability looking at it from a very critical viewpoint. I researched a lot on crystals, on the whole geology behind it and I unfortunately learned that the crystal industry lacks transparency.

It’s difficult to know the value chain of the product. Sometimes there is smuggling involved, like Jade from Myanmar brought illegally to China in order to meet its high demand in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Many times, the wholesalers don’t even know where the crystal comes from. They say Himalayas but don’t even know the country if you ask. It could be Nepal, India, China, Bhutan, Pakistan, whatever, but they don’t know. It was weird that nobody seemed to think about the consequences of CO2 emission of shipping crystals all over the world. Seriously, the transport of those crystals is insane. For instance, a Brazilian crystal gets shipped to Pakistan to be cut and polished and then to China to be made into Jewellery and then it comes to Europe.

From an energetic perspective I was then asking myself the following questions: If crystals are really powerful, I wondered about the energetic consequences of the massive exploitation of Brazilian crystals oversees. Why is there so much quartz only in certain countries of this world? Why are certain sorts of crystal only available in certain countries, like Larimar in the Dominican Republic, for instance? Is it important for the energetic balance of the land and the country to have crystals underneath the earth? Does earth suffer if we take all the crystals away from them? Can crystals still have a powerful and good energy if they are extracted with dynamite? Does it make sense to extract very young quartz that has not even formed its peak, then cut and formed into certain shapes that promise healing?

There are some crystals even radiated to intensify the colour, heated, like Amethyst so that it becomes topaz, or a lot of quartz that is coloured, like in Morocco for example, it is just put in a bucket with powder water and them comes out pink or purple.

Vaporisation or spraying crystals to then sell them as “angel aura quartz” since people want the bling bling because they assume to be more connected to angels and unicorns then.

Actually, there is a lot of money involved that goes to few people, obviously not the workers themselves, and the working standards are often low. There is sometimes even child labour involved.

It all didn’t make any sense to me and I had the strong feeling of not ever wanting to belong to a spiritual community if people are that ignorant to fall for the label “Lemurian” or “Angel” without even thinking about the origin of their product.

If the basic assumption people use for crystal healing is that a crystal stores and remembers energy then this would consequently mean that it stored the dynamite explosion, the childs’ hands who extracted the crystal, the chemicals that washed its surface, the cutters’ hands, the polishers’ hands, the hands of the person that wrapped up the crystals for shipping, the shipping transfer, the wholesalers’ hands, the shop owners’ hands, and finally several interested clients until it ends up with its match. There were just big question marks in my head.

Although I know that there are wholesalers who are very considerate and in personal touch with the mine owners, a true empathy for nature or for a crystal deity could not really be found anywhere.

I really researched for half a year to find a fair-traded crystal that meets my sustainability criteria, like no landscape destruction, dying, cutting, and a transparent value chain. I just wanted to have some crystals for my meditation practice!

People didn’t understand me. When I went to gem shows people just stated: “Yeah, but the demand is there” and that they wouldn’t really ask the sustainability question because crystals needs millions of years to grow anyways, so it could never be a sustainable product. True is that – but wouldn’t you need to look at the consequences the extraction of the product has for the planet and if you believe in energies for the energy of the crystal itself? So I just wanted a crystal that comes directly from the source to my home! One day I thought it all just doesn’t make any sense and wanted to finally give up.

Then, pretty much out of the blue, one morning, I really don’t know how I got this idea, I thought of looking for European mountaineers that could search for crystals for me. I did some research and got in touch online with two alpinists and they send me a first package. Before, I only had those cut and polished stones or typical tumble stones where I never felt anything. Now I had those crystals coming from the alps directly from the pocket into my hands and I immediately noticed there was a difference. I felt something very connecting and before I didn’t feel anything with the treated ones.

So now I had all these crystals at home not knowing what to do with them and I thought about selling them to spiritual healers or jewellery makers in Germany who are interested in the sustainability/purity/ fair-trade aspect.

I sat down looking at them and meditated with them. I observed that the crystals all have different energies. Previously, I only knew those categories in books where you look up your problem and then there are different kinds of stones providing help. What I felt was that every single quartz crystal and mineral was unique in its energy. And I started receiving messages for the person who would receive the crystals at a later point. I became the mediator between crystal and human – now being responsible to find the match with the highest potential.

Stunningly, I felt how the crystal in my hand guided me into another world that felt awesome and empowered me. I combined different meditation techniques to reach a state of higher consciousness together with holding the crystal(s) in my hands or intuitively laying a grid around me. Within a short amount of time, my creativity, my love, the feeling of being guided and highly inspired came back to a point that I only remembered from early childhood years.

I thought because I am so sensitive and have been clairvoyant/claircognizant since childhood that I would be the only one sensing the energy of the crystal – until I had friends over. I gave them some crystals, we meditated and they could also feel the power! They were so touched, cried and dug out stuck emotional pain. One friend said it would be better than being on drugs. I realised that not only can I perceive the crystal’s energy, I seem to hold the space for other people to make profound spiritual experiences without any prior spiritual practice. In more and more cases when people came over to my home to buy crystals from me I knew which crystal wanted to work with the person on a specific personal topic. Also, when more and more people attended my mediations, they told me that only in my presence they can connect to the crystal and the higher realms. When they take the crystal home there wasn’t much anymore. That’s when I started training and initiating people.

I think that high quality crystals are connected to several realms of a certain hierarchy! They are all connected to certain planets, fairies, representatives of collectives, the quartz vain, the region. You can work with each layer to receive healing. You can tap into the knowledge they have if they let you! And this is why I am working with messages. So each crystal has its own message that I write down and I work very intuitively. Also I observed that they only make certain people access their kingdom. They are picky and choose only those with the purest hearts. Since crystals are so powerful it takes lots of responsibility and the ability to discern to work with them.

In conclusion, my trip Brazil was a game changer for me because it activated my crystalline frequency and brought me on the path that has led me to become a crystal goddess. I now have a network of mountaineers who are, with a specific official permission, collecting different sorts of crystals and minerals really with passion from highly energetic places, like glaciers in the national parks. I know most of my providers in person and I am regularly driving down from Hamburg to choose the pieces myself. I am also hiking but I cannot do the tough tours like the alpinists do high up in the snow camping. I am beyond grateful to be working so much in the Alpes, having awesome mountaineer brothers to support my love for rough nature and believing in the perfect design of divine creation.

My main focus has become the crystal healing and 5D and beyond activation trainings, the crystal goddesses program, the energetics of yoga in the 5th dimensions and being a speaker for nature spirits and, ultimately, Gaia herself.

I hope you could get an insight into my work. Maybe this could even trigger you to look upon your consumption of crystals and put a bit of pressure on the market by asking your wholesaler for the origin and fair-trade aspect in order to support the environment and counteract corruption. So look for the right person to buy the crystals from, buy them raw, uncut and completely untreated.