Crystals as Sextoys: Yoni Eggs & Crystal Wands

As the divine feminine is rising, new forms of sexuality are popping up to help women discover themselves anew and heal the core wounds of our womb and womanhood.

With great joy I observe how more and more people are opening up to the healing worlds of crystals and have set themselves ready to look at all faces of their personality. Especially the womb holds a collective pain consciousness (often also called collective karma) due to the many ways of abuse of the feminine in the past. Information of abuse goes on to generations that have not experienced any kind of abuse due to the invisible connection of us with our ancestors. Also, we are all connected by a field of information that has stored all events, traumas etc. (Akashic records). Therefore, it makes big sense to work with your grounding, your lower chakras, emotions and sexual energies. There are many ways to do this.

One approach to sexual healing, strengthening the pelvic floor and opening up the yoniverse (yoni (sancrit for vagina) + universe) for miraculous creation is using crystal yonieggs and wands. This has become more and more popular and many clients have asked my of my opinion 1. regarding does sex go with crystals and 2. which companies they could comply with due to the often lacking sustainability criteria.

Crystal Souls and Internal Use

Foremost I need to mention that the Crystal Souls (the Crystal matches you receive from me) are unsuitable for internal use because they are raw and natural. Using them you could hurt yourself which is why you would rely on other providers.

My own experience

Until now, I have not yet felt the call to use yoni eggs or crystal wands due to the fact that I mostly work with the spirit world, my higher guidance, source, being in nature and activations in meditation as well as healing that does not need a physical touch. However I can imagine that many people want and benefit from the physical aspect and I just share with you the impulses that came to me. Please look at your own situation closely and tune in what is good for you, what feels right on your journey, since everybody’s path is so individual! Your soul knows, so please follow your own heart. To hear my inspiration and thoughts on crystal tools for internal use please continue reading…

Healing Potential

The crystals used internally seem to be a great way of activating and also healing in a short amount of time. It seems to be important to start with short times of use and with active, conscious work WITH them, instead of just placing them inside for hours letting them do the work. It is key to connect to source while working with them and ask for the most benefits at this point in time and going into a frequency of “tuning in”, allowing healing to happen.

Suppliers, Sustainability & Energy

Many crystal eggs sold are jade eggs. In general, the background with jade is that it’s coming from Myanmar (claimed to be from China, illegally mined and traded) and the ways these crystals are extracted are quite questionable. Many people are touching the crystals prior to your use due to 1. extraction through mining 2. cutting and polishing 3. wholesalers 4. stores/online providers 5. potential clients

Therefore if you want to use the crystals for your own purposes I advice you to

Ceremony Suggestion

1. Clean the crystal with water and soap

2. Ask Source to transmute all energetic signatures of other people, toxins, violent extraction etc. and only contain the information inside the crystal that serves your highest good. Hold the crystal in your hands for this little ceremony with big effects.

3. Imagine a golden ball around the crystal and, prior to use, ask for connection to source to guide you through your own sexual healing ceremony

4. As you place the crystal inside or discover yourself, observe the energy moving inside you, be totally conscious and tune inward how long you want the activation to take place.

5. Thank Source, all your guidance, the crystal and your soul heart.

6. Clean the crystal again, charge it under sun/moonlight or as you you feel.

Sexual Play, Intercourse and Crystals

Using crystal wands as dildos or using crystal sex toys feels like a “no” for me. In my flat, for instance, I have a crystal room and I feel that it’s important to not have sex or some kind of interplay there because

  1. Foremost all the crystals I use are splendidly beautiful by nature and no-one would ever cut or polish them! Therefore to me there is no reason to by treated crystals.
  2. The crystals absorb the energy. If you use them with your partner make sure you know each other well and you have the crystal programmed for you only and not to other people.
  3. It can be “too much” in the sense that sexual energy stirs up a lot and that in combination with high frequency crystal energy can be an overload stimulus for the nervous system.
  4. Many people don’t treat the crystal with respect and don’t work with the crystal as consciousness but use it only as a more quality substitute for other yoni eggs/pelvis floor trainings or as sex toys.

All the ways that feel right for you are awesome and I respect everyone who says they feel about it differently. From the information I got the conscious healing aspect is important for a long-term benefit and the respect towards this healing procedure rather than merely using it as a means for pleasure. I can imagine there are many different thoughts of this and my opinion might obviously change at some point. However, this is my input for now.

I hope it helps you and have you some insights. Happy sexual healing!