Natural high-vibe crystals with a channeled message

Crystals have guided me for the past two years and I feel that they are a compass for our most heartful path. They provide us with nurturing energy directly from nature and every single crystal has a unique energetic signature – the crystal soul. All crystal souls are extremely high-vibe and carry there personal message for your soul support. Crystal Soul is a new spirited form of crystal healing that helps you to train your own intuition. My dedication is to find the perfect crystal match for you and to activate the crystal soul inside yourself.

Guide me to my crystal!

Fair Eco & Social Concept

Crystal Soul is a one-of-a-kind concept that merges all criteria that are important to me: fair-trade, eco-consciousness and social impact. I work exclusively with all natural, fair-traded glacier crystals and minerals that have been directly collected by local mountaineers from the Alpes. The mountaineers have a special permission for the national parks are follow a long cultural tradition of crystal digging on the tops of beautiful mountain peaks. Most of the crystals and minerals are from Austria and Switzerland.

We stand against intense and big mining activities in developing countries who are fostering pollution, dependency and insecurities of people, active nature destruction, chemical use, corruption, intransparency of the value chain and the disrespectful treatment of the crystal and mineral realms.

Crystals & Minerals

For a very long time I had been searching for a crystal that meets my sustainability criteria and couldn’t find any provider. The more I researched the more I was shocked about the way crystals are
extracted and how this also effects the energy quality.

One day I had the idea to look for mountaineers in the Alps and literally drove around the mountain villages to find and get to know crystal diggers. What I explored was way more than a fair-traded crystal. It was a journey to myself, the crystal consciousness and my mission to be a voice for them.

The Crystal Souls are powerful, loving activators. If you become their partner and open your heart wide you have the possibility to make huge steps towards fulfillment and clarity on your purpose.

We offer high-quality alpine minerals and quartz. Minerals are typically hematite, pink and blue fluorite, adularia, pericline, rutile and epidote. Quartz is clear and smoky quartz and rarely amethyst.

Every crystal comes with a unique card including the exact finding location so that you can reconnect with the mountain and your personal message to support your journey.

The crystals help you to get more in touch with yourself, access higher forms of consciousness, find more flow in your life, increase your frequency, impact the quality of your mediation experience and might be your healing guide if you work with energy medicine.