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Large Glamorous Raw Crystals for Your Home, Hotels, Gardens, Practice or Office

High Vibe Homes Crystal Soul
Crystals have many positive effects on the human bodies, animals and plants. Providing a good atmosphere, they are high vibe radiators of light to support creativity, healing, inspiration, sleep, concentration as well as entering higher fields of consciousness. Crystals are millions of years old. Precious gifts of nature, who support our creativity and healing. All crystals carry a character, a strong personality that matches one person. Carla Sophie finds your perfect match to help you flourish and flower to your highest potential, your Godly Self. Carla Sophie calls them the “Crystal Souls” because they all carry a personal energy message to inspire and boost your personal development to a new level. They increase the room energy to provide a soothing vibe to heal, educate, work or sleep.

Carla Sophie is your personal Crystal Energy Adviser to find your crystal match and advise you on your room’s energy and crystal care. All Crystal Souls have been purified, activated and energised by Carla Sophie.

They have been handpicked by local mountaineers specialised on geology and mineral hunting. With their expertise and special official permission they retrieve the crystals from pockets under great care but challenging conditions. Therefore, all crystals are unique by nature, carrying their own imprint depending on the region they are from.

You can request a first free conversation about your aspirations regarding the crystals, room energy and your current situation.

High Vibe Homes Crystal Soul