Our conversation will be all about finding clarity in what exactly you are looking to create in your life – whether focused on business or life.

I mostly work with freelancers, owners of small and middle-sized enterprises as well as high-positioned employees who want to build on their leadership skills.

We clarify concepts, remove mental blockages and motivate you to find your highest potential. The tools and techniques I use are self-inquiry, self-awareness, questions, feedback, meditation, my experience as an entrepreneur, intuitive guidance, and crystal energy.

I also support parents of sensitive children who struggle with our societal system, have trouble sleeping, are very shy or hyper active with the aid of crystal energy and looking deeply into communication means.

  • Intensive 1:1 session 1 – 2h
  • Find your personal crystal for meditation or healing and/ or crystal necklace + worldwide shipping 
  • Crystal meditation for download for home practice
  • 1x follow up mail support & questions
  • 175€/h via Skype or at Carla Sophie’s location (excluding crystal)
  • You can fill out the form below to state preferences and book the consultation.
Crystal Soul Session

Terms and Conditions:

1. Carla Sophie is neither a medical doctor nor a certified therapist. In case of medical psychological and physical health issues you need to continue all prescribed medication and consult a medical doctor. If you take psychotropic drugs or suffer from depression, anxiety or other mental health issues, please inform Carla Sophie prior to the session. People taking psychedelic drugs cannot work with Carla Sophie.

2. The healing effect of crystals and minerals has not been scientifically proven and Carla Sophie’s work with crystals must only be an add-on support in your current situation but can never substitute a medical therapy.

3. Crystals and Jewellery cannot be returned. Warranty for necklaces is one year.

4. If you cancel the Crystal Soul private session 48h prior to the booked time you receive a full refund. From 48 hours prior to the session a substitute payment of 175€ for one hour is due.