Cosmo Topics – Free Resources for Your Research

Why is the world as it is? How does the activity of the moon, the sun, and the planetary system affect us? Is there an ascension path? Is there a plan for humanity evolution?

Several people have requested me to communicate where to read about the current time qualities and cosmic energies. I made a list about my main sources, apart from the fact that I am tuning in and see what’s relevant for me. I am not following everything everyday because it is very important to feel inward yourself and not depend on any forecasts of others. Most of the authors that I am connected to, who are listed here, are in the US, Australia, and England. Germany has a bit of catching up to do…but we are about to change that!

There you go:


Ascension Energies


Sandra Walter


Alana Fairchild


Kaypacha Lescher – Astrology for the Soul


Aeolian Heart Astrology


Astro Butterfly


Energetic Synthesis by Lisa Renee


Infinite Creators Group by Joanna Green




Keeper of the Diamond Light Codes


You’re welcome to share your thoughts and more info on sources!

Deeply filled with love,
Carla Sophie