Modern Relationships: Resetting Gender Perceptions

The way we identify with gender and how we perceive relationships seems to undergo a revolution. More and more people are thinking about new ways of partnership, sacred sexuality, and finding into unity consciousness. Here go my thoughts

I‘ve been thinking
So much about relationships the past days.

About the woman I want to become

About the man I want to be my partner

About how I want to raise my kids

About the woman and man of the future

About the responsibility of giving birth to a whole new generation

About what makes a woman strong
And a man weak.

About how we hold space for each other
No matter in which kind of partnership

About wise choices

The choice who we exchange energy (fields) with

What we wish to absorb

Where I am setting my boundaries.

There seems to be a reset.

Of people becoming more aware of choice.

Of me becoming aware of all these old patterns transferred over generations.

Of who we ought to be.

Of fear of the other gender.
Fear of oneself.
Fear of sexuality, nudity, vaginas, vulnerability.

I‘ll do everything I fucking can to contribute to this movement
Of men and women waking up.